Gardening Questions

Couple questions for anyone with gardening/plant knowledge.

1) Can anyone identify the plant below? It's possible that i planted it, but it doesn't look like anything i remember buying. It's definitely a perennial (and possibly a weed i guess) because it's come up in the front and spread like wildfire, and i definitely didn't plant anything out there. It looks nice enough, but i'd like to know what it is so i can figure out how much i want it to spread. It's not evergreen, but it seems pretty hardy for us in zone 5. Any ideas?

2) Anyone have suggestions for an evergreen, zone 5 winter hardy, fast-spreading, perennial ground cover? I'm already starting to plan for some gardening upgrades next year and this is one of the first key plant decisions i need to make.

Sorry to interrupt the normally-themed blogging. I'll be back soon with a kidlet update.

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Anonymous said...


I don't recognize the plant. It does have a similar look to the often purple tinted plant referred to as "Wandering Jew". I don't know the scientific name for the plant and I have most commonly seen it grown in a pot. Good luck