9 Months, 1 Week/ 2 Years, 8 Months

Now that i'm back and getting into my renewed groove i've had some time to remember the details of Henry and Silas over our Christmas and New Year Break. They actually both have some cool new developments so i'll try to catch you up on what is top of mind tonight.

In addition to inchworming all over the place (more and more quickly by the day), Silas has been babbling up a storm lately. He's very partial to ba ba ba. With just that one syllable, it's amazing what he can communicate using different tones and cadences. He's also working on his sign language skills. He's been doing the sign for milk for quite awhile now and in the past week has added "more" and waving "hello" or "good-bye" to his repertoire. Henry didn't really start signing back to us beyond a simple wave until closer to 15 months so this is awesome and really encouraging!

For some reason Silas was on a liquid fast over the break. The day most of my family arrived he barely took 4 ounces all day of either breast milk or formula. He got better from there but in general he was just not feeling his liquid intake. He would scarf down solids (even cereal made with the leftover formula) no problem, but spend more time playing with the bottle than eating. I was a little concerned, because but at his 9 month check-up he was 18 lbs. 4 oz. which is growing right along his 10-25% percentile curve. The Doctor seemed very pleased, especially with what she called "his advanced social skills." I of course am relieved that he was a good weight and not far enough behind in the crawling department to warrant physical therapy.

As a postscript, now that he's back at Brenda's, he's been taking three 8 oz. bottles a day and eating the same amount of solids. Go figure.

In addition to the wonderful visits with family, we all got some pretty amazing gifts. One of Henry's favorites is his new race track. I was able to capture a quick clip of Silas and Henry both loving it with my new toy-- a video camera. Keep an eye on Silas' feet.

Well, i now have accounts with tons of free video share sites but google video seems to be working for now. Please leave a comment if you visit and this video won't load so i can keep trouble-shooting!

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Anonymous said...

It worked just fine for us and was so fun!! It only needs to be about 20 minutes longer! Oma