9 Mos, 3 weeks/ 2 Years, 9 Months

I think we made full-use of our three-day weekend, even though the temperature is about as cold as it generally gets here. Saturday Kerala's Nanny, Ellen, watched Kerala, Silas and Henry over at our house while we went to a party. Splitting the babysitter was certainly economical, and you know you have a keeper when the babysitter is disappointed that one of the kiddos (that would be Silas) was already asleep by the time we left.

Henry did some painting this weekend at his easel-- although we had to temporarily relocate it upstairs because the basement is absolutely freezing at this point. He's getting in to making his little masterpieces, and we realized we needed some new painting supplies-- i bought his paints before he was born and the brushes he uses are all cast-offs from my past crafts projects.

Although Henry had fun grocery shopping with his dad, i think the highlight of the weekend was a trip to the children's museum on Monday with Silas and Kerala and all the parents. Henry got to drive a boo-boo truck, a bus, go grocery shopping and pay for his purchases, catch salamanders in a stream, dig for dinosaur bones, and use the public potty four times while we were out. He had a blast. My only concern is that he now associates pretend play with "museums." I'm planning on taking him on Saturday to an exhibit on maps at the Field museum. He loves maps and he sounded excited about going but the Field museum is a little quieter and more hands-off than the children's museum, so we'll see how it goes.

Silas is having a monumental week. He's continuing to hone his sleeping through the night skills and he stopped breast-feeding. We had been winding down since the New Year, but this week he stopped completely. I'm a little sad, but like with Henry, it's been a pretty gradual process so it wasn't too emotional. Of course, now that we're on formula full-time i have to make it to costco at some point today or else that's going to be our "date-night" outing.

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