9 Months, 2 Weeks/ 2 Years, 8 Months

Henry has been asking a lot about the weather (why is it cold, why can't you see the weather, where does the snow come from) and i've been talking about wind and weather coming down from the arctic where it's very cold. He wants to go there (preferably right now or at the very least after nap tomorrow) but instead i persuaded him that it might be a good idea to read some books about the arctic first to see what it's really like. So, we're off to the library after i pick the boys up from school to see if we can find some good children's books on the North Pole.

Potty-training continues apace. I should say, that we're both doing a good job which means that Henry hasn't had an accident in quite awhile and JT and i have been keeping him in underwear and "reminding" him to visit the bathroom every 30 minutes. Personally this has been the hardest part. I guess i didn't realize that beyond any "training" Henry was initiating, that I had to be ready to rally Henry to use the bathroom every time i turned around. I actually think that now that he's in kind of a rhythm, we might be able to relax our time frame to every 45 minutes-- don't want to get brazen of course. He's been in underwear all day since the holidays though (we've even tackled outings and public toilets) and we seem to be going strong. I know lots of people who describe potty training as something that occurs in a span of a few days-- i personally witnessed friends' kids that did just that. Henry however, has taken a more gradual approach. At no point did he resist potty training, it just wasn't front of mind unless you reminded him.

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