So, my last post showed Henry marching around in his underwear playing the kazoo-- quite well i might add. The video missing some key details however-- like how his skin glistens like an oiled pig because not five minutes before the video was shot he dug his hand in an over-sized jar of aquaphor, an emerged from the bathroom saying "i didn't get much" in a very guilty voice.

This video should help explain just how much heavy cream we had to spread around the family that night.


Oma said...

Tamra, Did I ever tell you about the time one of our boys got into a huge jar of Vaseline and spread it all over himself? Neither Tom or I can remember which one did it. Must be a boy thing. About the same age, too... Sheree

Sinin said...

Oh, my! In the video, Henry is such a cute boy, his facial expression was of "look what I did everybody, it is not that bad?"
I really did laughed my behind off. Our little Jack (10 mos) currently uses Aquaphor for one of his many skin issues (extreme dry skin). I applied Aquaphor on his face near his mouth and eyes, and THEN I read the instruction, and it said, "DO NOT PUT NEAR BABY FACE and/or AVOID THE EYES!" Something like that, so I ran into the bathroom for some tissues, and I came back, Jack wiped it all over his mouth and face. I freaked, surprised! So I washed his whole mouth with a warm bath towel and keep my eyes on Jack for the next 24 hrs, just in case he breaks into some kind rash...lesson learned...READ BEFORE DOING. Sign by #1 Dumb parent!!