Temporary Thaw

I know it won't last but boy have we enjoyed the past two days of 50 degree temperatures. Yesterday JT bbqd, Henry got to play with his bubble machine and go for a bike ride-- all without being bundled completely up. I like being warm, but more than that i like not having to stuff little squirmy bodies into coats, snowsuits, hats, mittens and boots. I hate, hate to say it, but i can't wait for spring!

Henry had a super fun return to gym class tonight. You could tell that no one had been in two weeks and there were a lot of normally well-behaved kids that were going haywire. Henry did really, really well at listening while we were at gym and i was super proud of him. Especially because Silas was in my arms most of the time we were there. Typically Silas stays home with JT on gym nights, but tonight JT had a late meeting so off to class Silas went. He had a pretty good time but he was getting tired and the little ones are so active that i couldn't just put him down very much.

He is really mobile now. I think i've said that before but because he's still not crawling in the true sense of the word i still have this idea that he's not really getting around. That would definitely be false impression. On the wood floors he scoots on his bottom all over and is even exploring different rooms now. On carpet, he drags his entire body with his arms-- seemingly forgetting that he even has legs.

Kerla and Corey and Troy came over Sunday for pulled pork and Kerala and Silas were having tons of fun crawling everywhere and exploring all the toys and action. Henry got Troy to play basketball with him and Henry is getting pretty good and making some slam dunks-- especially since the goal is about as high as his head!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you! I hope your 50s weather lasts a few days longer- the sun and warmth does us good. Henry looks like he is really enjoying it too. Silas and Kerala must be fun to watch! She is a cutie! Sheree/Oma

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of Henry on his bike mobile. Rosy little cheeks and a wonderful "I'm having fun" smile. We are getting some of that good weather you talked about also. I hate to see what the payback is going to be! Hugs to all. Gran