Taking care of Tamra

I mentioned in my last post that i had come down with a cold. It's not the worst cold i've ever had but i do feel pretty bad and am quite congested. The thought occurred to me that in a way i should relish this time because it's the last time i get to be sick and only have to worry about taking care of myself. Although the cats wake me up at night my guess is that it's not half the interruption to necessary sleep a baby will be. JT can make dinner for us and do the grocery shopping and provide any other help or care i need. The baby's needs can only be met by JT or I and if i'm the one home...

So this is just a post to say that April 18th is coming quickly and i have a lot of practical thoughts about how things will be different. I'm not enjoying being sick, but i am trying to relish being able to go to bed early and mostly sleep through the night.

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