34 Weeks

1 week closer, 1 week bigger. I feel like at this point we're down to the countdown even though we've got 6 weeks to go. All but the last details are wrapped up so i'm just trying to navigate this gigantic belly.

I'm feeling much better and almost entirely over this cold so i hope to get back to the gym and ballet this week. I felt so much more stiff and sore without any activity so i'm really looking forward to getting some exercise in.

Today we had an absolutely beautiful 60 degree day and i spent the afternoon walking and playing at the park with my friend and her daughter. The fresh air and sunshine really did me well but the 3 miles or so of walking made me completely exhausted. I'll need to work on getting my stamina back up-- especially once the baby arrives. Speaking of, the baby is supposed to be about 4 lbs 11 oz and 18 inches long. He'll mostly just be fattening up and further developing his lungs for these last weeks.  Posted by Hello

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