36 Weeks

Sorry for the delay folks but here is the 36 weeks (and a few days) picture. I've done away with the short-lived clothed picture because you just can't get around the fact that my belly has a decent-sized baby in it.

I'm feeling okay but JT and i are both thinking that if the baby wanted to come a week or two early we'd be totally fine with that. I'm getting the car seat inspected by the police tomorrow and after that i feel like we're officially ready-- at least by material standards. I'm also involved in transitioning things off at work which is allowing me to breathe easier.

Doctor appointments continue to go well. I see my doctor again tomorrow and have a non-stress test (NST)to make sure the baby is still doing well in there. During the past two NSTs they've recorded me as having contractions but they are so slight i don't feel a thing. My doctor said they're just getting the cervix ready for labor which i'm all for. Posted by Hello

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