Lazy Baby Scare

Last Sunday i noticed that the baby wasn't quite as active as his normal self. He's not always super-active during the day so i wasn't really worried but i was making sure to keep careful track of his movements that evening. After noting a small movement at about 9 pm i didn't feel any movement by 11 pm. I drank some orange juice, took a shower and laid down in bed-- normally when the boy goes nuts-- nothing. So i started to get worried and didn't want to wait all night. I called the on-call Dr. at my practice and he thought it would be a good idea to go in to the ER and have everything checked out.

So, on Sunday at 11:30 pm JT and i had a dry-run of heading to the hospital(although i wasn't in any pain and we probably didn't drive as fast.) Still, it was helpful to figure out where you enter the ER, who you tell you're pregnant so that they can take you up to Labor and Delivery (L&D), and what the monitors and beds feel like.

They hooked me up to the fetal monitor and found that the baby's heartrate looked excellent. They then did an ultrasound and found that the baby was moving-- sucking his thumb-- he was just making small movements. I did feel him moving a little bit while i was there. They weren't sure why he suddenly quieted down-- they said it might have been affected by my eating and drinking a bit less that day. I was released but told to keep monitoring the movements of the baby and come back if i wasn't able to track at least 3 movements within a 2 hour period.

So far he's making up for lost time and has been very active this week.

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