37 Weeks

37 weeks is considered full term, so i made it into the "safety zone." At this point with the baby estimated to be over 5 1/2 pounds and a full 37 weeks he's considered full term. I can deliver at anytime and the baby should be completely fine. It's hard not to get to anxious for his arrival but i just try to focus on him coming when he's ready and healthy enough to enter this world. In the meantime i'm enjoying lazy weekend mornings reading the paper on the couch with JT, spur of the moment plans, and a very clean and organized house.

I celebrated reaching 37 weeks by getting a variety of spa treatments this weekend. My feet may be swollen, but my toes are a lovely shade of pink! My new haircut helped me feel a little more put together too. Next weekend if i'm still pregnant, i think i'll be getting a manicure.  Posted by Hello

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