21 Months, 2 Weeks, 4 Days

We had a full weekend capped off with a super-bowl party tonight with friends. Unfortunately the Bears lost, but we had a good time with all the kiddos together. Henry was a little overwhelmed at first between the dogs and the kids and the football-related yelling. Then he settled in and was pretty happy hanging out with JT or I and canoodling with the other folks. Unfortunately i think his entire dinner consisted of three different packs of crackers and part of a cookie. Oh, some OJ as well.

We tried to put him down to sleep over there around his normal bedtime and at first everything went well but i think after being asleep for a short amount of time he woke up and had no interest in sleeping again. He acted like the party was still going and demanded to get out of his portable crib. Since the game was winding down, we decided to cut our losses and just head home. He's been quietly asleep in his own crib for the past 20 minutes, so hopefully he'll have a quiet uneventful night.

Before i forget, i wanted to mention that i'm extremely excited to be getting my braces off at the beginning of March and before Silas' arrival (hopefully). I was keeping my fingers crossed my orthodontist would give me a removal date before the birth because it sure is easier to get to appointments when Henry is safely at daycare and Silas is safely in my belly.

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