The day finally arrived! I made Henry a hair appointment with JT and i's Stylist weeks ago and yesterday was the soonest we could get him in. You'd think she was a celebrity stylist or something. I wasn't really sure what to expect but Henry passed his first official haircut with flying colors. I packed plenty of snacks and a full cup of milk and even though we got there early and waited for about 30 minutes he was totally content.

Our hairdresser was really great with him. She's very calm and patient and showed him everything she was going to do first. She asked if i wanted to hold him on my lap and i said i'd like to try having him sit in the chair on his own. She got some booster seats and he sat that way the whole time he was getting his hair cut. His favorite part was getting to play with the squirt bottle that she used to keep his hair wet-- oh and of course the snacks he munched on the better part of the appointment.

Please note that the before picture reveals a particularly bad hair day, but it was clearly time for this haircut!

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