22 Months, 5 Days

I know i've been posting sporadically lately but i ask that you bear with me. Work is getting super busy as i prepare to go on leave in 4 weeks (can you believe it!) and i've been getting more and more tired as the days go by which makes it difficult to do much more than the basics come nightfall.

We wrapped up Henry's swim classes yesterday and i think he enjoyed things very much. He seems to forget about swimming when we're done with it, but hopefully he'll have a good time at the outdoor pool by our house once it warms up this summer. I'm a little glad to be done with walking out the water carrying Henry and Silas.

Henry had his appointment with the Pediatric Geneticist yesterday and was given a "normal" bill of health. They took a detailed family medical history and then did a physical exam of Henry. They felt that he was totally normal, had overcome his low muscle tone from his earlier days and that the various issues he's had (low muscle tone, pyloric stenosis and chordee) were unrelated and essentially three unlucky rolls of the dice. They said that if his development ever slowed or seemed to back-track certainly to get him back in, but there was nothing to prompt them to do more tests or look further because he appears to be totally normal. This was what we were hoping to hear!

Henry has loved to stand on the step-stool in the kitchen ever since Christmas but JT has been letting him do this more often as he works on dinner. Henry either plays with his own bowls or spoons or just watches as Dad puts dinner together. He's a bit more sure-footed on the step-stool now so you don't have to literally stand there with your arms around him the whole time.

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