President's Day

Henry and i enjoyed the day off and decided to make an outing of it. We had plans to hit the Art Institute with my friend Tabitha and her two girls. The museum is free through the 21st so we figured we had nothing to lose. Unfortunately Carys woke up with a fever this morning so they bowed out. I figured we were already up and motivated and we'd still go. I got Henry all bundled into the stroller and we took the El down to the museum. Thankfully it's much warmer this week (30s!) so it wasn't too bad.

The museum itself probably isn't the greatest for kids though-- at least not at this toddler stage. There are lots of stairs and in general it's a quiet place (to be expected of course) and there really isn't much geared towards young children. Henry really liked the African masks and Asian artwork that involved animals and was pretty content for about 30-45 minutes. After that he wanted to get out and walk around and have a snack-- both of which weren't really going to happen. So i called JT and we headed to Marshall Field's where we met up with him and had a nice lunch together.

I have to confess that my 35-week pregnant body also felt the impact of the day. The baby has definitely dropped so i can't walk normally (or quickly) anymore, i get tired really easy, and everything fairly aches.

Once we got home at 1:30 Henry went straight down for his nap and i laid on the couch unmoving for the better part of the 3 hours he slept.

We had a great day though and it was nice to get out but it's pretty clear that i'm really pregnant and need to take things a little easier now as we enter the homestretch. Now, i just have to get 5 days of work done in 4.

I don't have any reason to think i'll have this baby early but i'm a bit nervous at work because things are so busy i haven't really had time to work on the "transitioning" aspects of being out on leave.

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