Thankfully Henry seems to just have a mild cold. I unfortunately, have some horrendous virus from Hell. I went to the Dr. today to rule out a sinus infection or strep and it appears just to be a really bad virus. The bad thing about that is the only thing i can do is continue to stay in bed and drink lots of liquids. I've been in bed basically since Friday afternoon and have to say i'm not feeling a whole lot better. I've taken today off from work and may have to take tomorrow off as well.

I'm not keen on using up my sick leave, but i just feel to horrible to try to make it through a work-day, even if i just kept my pajamas on!

I am feeling slightly better this afternoon-- good enough to sit up in bed and type rather than having to be completely horizontal all the time.

Henry has a runny nose and hasn't been sleeping great but he doesn't seem to feel as bad as i do and hasn't run a temperature or anything. He started being really disobedient this weekend and i'm hoping that it was a symptom of being cooped up and not the start of a new phase. There were several blocks of hours where he would do the absolute opposite of whatever you asked him. We had to draw the line at the spitting habit he seems to have acquired. It starts out as blowing spit bubbles but then he thinks it's hysterical to actually spit all that saliva out. Jt and i had both told him no uncertain terms that spitting wasn't allowed so he's suffered 2 or 3 timeouts over the issue already. I'll have to talk to Brenda to see how he fared at daycare today. I'm hoping he can hold off on this phase at least until i'm back in fighting form.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Tamra, I hope you feel better really, really soon. It's enough just being 9 months pregnant! What an adorable picture of Henry! He is looking so "big". I love his coat, too. Sheree