Valentine's Day!

We've had an eventful day already, although nothing to do with valentine's yet. We've probably gotten about 8 inches or so of snow since two nights ago and we had therapy bright and early this morning, so we got up, got Henry some breakfast and ourselves ready and JT shovelled the walk and dug-out the car. We run a tight ship around here so we managed to actually get out the door on time.

Today was a really great therapy session for Henry. No tantrums really-- a tiny bit of fussing when we'd been doing one thing for a long time and he was genuinely having fun for parts of it. I think it really helps that his memory is developing. I try to talk about his therapist "Jo" periodically, and Henry loves to say her name as well.

Then he headed off to see Ms. Brenda and the kiddos in his valentine's day shirt. I'll try to take a picture and post it tomorrow. He's been more and more particular about what he wears. He has two winter coats-- a puffy green one and a dressy light blue wool coat. Typically he's been wearing the green coat just because it's a bit more casual. Well, Henry has decided that the only wants to wear the blue one and will go over to the coat closet and protest if i have picked out the "wrong" one. He's also pretty clear that he prefers his leather squeaky shoes to his typical tennis shoes.

That's all fine and good but i worry a bit about Brenda's sanity when he wears the shoes that squeak every time he walks for days on end. She said the kids love them so i just try to push the tennis shoes every few days or so.

Henry and i have swimming this afternoon and then he'll get to come home to some valentine goodies. We made sugar cookies the other day and decorated some of them with hearts. He enjoyed one on Valentine's day Eve, but i figure he can have another one while opening a few Valentine gifts.

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