21 Months, 3 Weeks

I know i haven't been as regular with the posting as many folks would like. I'm starting to slow down a little bit with this pregnancy. I'm definitely hitting the big and uncomfortable stage. It's also amazing how busy work is right now and how much there is for me to get done before i go out on leave. I'm also feeling slightly under the weather. Nothing seems full-blown but i think i've got some kind of low-grade virus that is also affecting my stomach. While i certainly don't feel great, i just hope that it stays with me and doesn't infect JT or Henry.

We've been doing everything we can to stay warm around here. We've been dealing with highs from -2 to 4 degrees for several days and it hasn't been above freezing in over two weeks i believe. Today it's a little better though-- a high of 15, and by this weekend it's supposed to be positively balmy at 27 degrees.

We had one really bad cold-related incident earlier this week. I think it was Monday morning and i was taking Henry to daycare. I put his gloves on but they were cold (we had left them in the car from the night before) and he just cried and screamed the whole way to Brendas. It was so cold that the car really didn't heat up at all until after i was headed home so it didn't even improve while we were driving there.

I actually came in with Henry to take his coat off and help get him settled thinking that might help but he was still so upset and then really crying and not wanting me to leave. Unfortunately i did have to go but i called a bit later to make sure he had settled down and Brenda said "of course, as soon as they got the legos out." He hasn't really had any outbursts since then, but he has kept his gloves and hat on because even he knows it's cold!

He's not consistent about it, but he's starting to take more of an interest in his clothes. He has this one t-shirt from Oklahoma State that he loves. My Grandmother bought it for him after my last trip back there in January. It has pistol pete on the front and back of the shirt and whenever he picks out anything to wear, it's that shirt. I told him it was orange and that was a good choice and why didn't he wear his LONG-SLEEVE orange shirt instead. He refused so he's sporting the layered look today with his Pistol Pete shirt over another shirt. This morning he also insisted on wearing his dress coat instead of his everyday coat.

We're making a second go at swim class today. I double-checked the bag and have his swim suit so i just have to make sure to put mine on!

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