6 Weeks/ 2 Years 3 Weeks

Things are moving right along here in our household. Silas has started smiling a little bit more and as of the past few days he's staying awake and alert for much longer stretches. I'm still careful to get him back to sleep within 2 hours, but he's pretty good at letting me know he's tired, and then going to sleep without much help. The past two days we've both slept in the mornings and then been on the go all afternoon. Yesterday, Corey and I took a 5 mile walk with the babies. We were gone ALL afternoon and definitely think we made a dent in those post-pregnancy pounds. Today i had my 6 week midwife appointment and then stopped by to see Jessica and Marc and their two-week old son Gabriel. I've started trying to keep Wednesdays free so that i can run errands and take care of chores and projects like paying the bills and putting together a memory box for Silas.

I think we might be moving towards actually potty-training Henry. Brenda told us that he's actually used the potty the past few days so i'm thinking we might at least start to get slightly more serious about it. Henry's been talking more and more lately and picking up new words right and left. We've been spending more time in the backyard lately and it's great to see Henry confident enough to traipse all around the yard without holding on to one of our legs. I know that doesn't sound like much, but JT and i were remembering that at this time last year Henry would stand in the grass like a flamingo with one leg up, because he didn't like the feel on his legs. We're planning on putting in a paver-patio in a couple weeks and if things go remotely as planned, we should get even more enjoyment out of our back yard in the next several months.

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