7 Weeks, 4 Days/ 1 Year, 1 Month, 2 Days

So the big news is that Henry slept in his new bed just fine last night. He didn't have any trouble going to sleep and we didn't hear him at all in the night. He did wake up right at 6 am which is the early side of his wake-up range but he just called out for us until JT went down to get him. I had put pillows on the floor next to his bed in case he fell out, and JT said he was lying on those pillows. So, we don't know if he fell out during the night or had gotten out when he woke up. Either way he wasn't unhappy and got a good night's sleep. Naptime today however, did not go as smoothly. He didn't want to take his nap and he kept getting out of bed. After calling out "mommy" for about 15 minutes he did finally fall asleep, but he only slept an hour. So, at this point i think things have gone pretty well. Tonight he went straight to sleep no questions asked so it might just be naps that are more difficult. We'll see how he does with the babysitter tomorrow-- that might be interesting.

I changed the format of the blog a tiny bit, so you'll find a few new fun features on the right-hand side of this page. Silas is sleeping pretty well at night, but it's amazing how quickly you get adjusted to whatever longer amount of sleep you get-- and frankly it's never enough until it's 8 hours straight and i'm asleep during that same time. I think Silas is making his way towards the 8 week fussy peak-- he's pretty calm during the day but in the evening he's pretty fussy and wants to be held and actually walked a bit. I think i'm going to try to start taking him on a walk when i can in the evening to help make sure he gets a little cat nap. It's just difficult since it's the time when dinner is happening and Henry gets a bath.

Well, speaking of sleep, Silas is getting close to being down for the night so i'm going to wrap this up. Happy 32nd Birthday to me tomorrow! We'll let you know how the Sox do!


Kathy said...

Henry looks very pleased with his adorable big boy bed. Happy Birthday Tamra!

Anonymous said...

That is a really cool bed, Henry! Hope you are enjoying sleeping it. Can't wait to see you. Love, Gran

Colin said...

Hey, Tamra! Good to finally catch up with you on the phone yesterday. Love the pics of Henry in his bed tent. Great idea! Sinéad often insists on us setting up her Hulk tent for her before naps or bedtime. It's pretty awesome: There's a velcro breakaway door on one side printed to look like your young Hulk is tearing through a brick wall, and seeing the Incredible Hulk -- and my beautiful two year old daughter -- come tearing through the wall gets me every time. Recently my mom was ribbing me about going to such lengths to not have everything be too pink and girly for her, and Sinéad interrupted: "Don't worry, Nana. Hulk wears purple shorts. Purple is my favorite." Touché.

Anyway... great to hear from you. We follow your blog with something approaching religion, but it's fun to catch up in person too. See you soon.