6 Weeks, 6 Days/ 2 Years, 3 Weeks, 6 Days

It's hard to tear myself away to write this entry because Silas is sitting next to me just smiling away. Really big smiles. This is pretty cool because he's still been a little scare with the smiles most days. These are super big smiles, almost like he's trying to laugh!

We enjoyed a nice weekend mostly at home and now we're heading into a busy week. We've decided to try to install a paver-patio with the help of our friends Corey and Troy, so today i'm hoping to head to Home Depot to see if we can order and have delivered all the necessary materials.

Yesterday i mowed the lawn for the first time this year and learned that although Henry is a fan of his toy mower, the real thing is a little bit too scary for him. I knew it would take me awhile to get the mower started, since it hadn't been used in many months. So Henry was outside with me while i was working on it. I was talking about what the mower is and how noisy it was. Once i got it started i told him again it was noisy and started to make the first turn around the yard-- i looked back to check on Henry and saw him screaming, tears streaming down his face. Off went the mower and i went over to comfort him. After he calmed down i took him over to show him what the mower does and how it cut some of the grass shorter. Then i asked him if he wanted to stay with me and play with his bubbles or go inside with dad. He was pretty clear he wanted to go "side."

Not to make it seem like all i did was work on Mother's day. JT made me breakfast in bed and let me name my wake-up time-- both very much appreciated gestures.

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