8 Weeks, 2 Days/ 1 Year, 1 Month, 1 Week

Henry had his 2 yr. checkup yesterday and the Dr. thinks he looks great. He's around 50% percentile for weight at 27 lbs. and 75% percentile for height at 35.5 in. We talked to her at length about his physical "delays" and about the appeal that's still pending with the insurance company. She said that she thought his walking gait looked fine and that not jumping at 2 years old is not really a problem-- she said it's the low end of normal, but that if he's not jumping by 3 years then we'll worry. She said the encourage him to jump and bounce and use a trampoline if possible-- she also recommended getting him into a gymnastics-type class if at all possible. I had planned to do that in the fall, so now i'll just see if there are any available later in the summer.
Speech-wise she said he was doing great-- especially since he was low on the speech curve at his 18-month appointment (he had about 5 words at that point.) We've counted around 80 words at this point that he uses spontaneously and she said he was doing a great job of putting words together-- i think he was talking about "new Ralph" and "blue shoes" when she came in the room. He had to get a Hep-A shot and a finger prick to test for lead (which was negative) but he did really great with both. He talked the rest of the day about his "boo-boo" but i think it was mostly because of the sparkly bandage he had on.

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Kathy said...

Looking good Henry! I must say, new Ralph is cute too. Hugs