Real Sleep! 5 Weeks

Last night, when Silas turned 5 weeks, he slept for 7 hours! Holy sleep batman! In a rare cosmic alignment, i was also able to sleep about 6.5 hours of that. Silas went to sleep at around 10:30 and i woke up at 5:30 a little freaked out. I'm not much for checking on him when he's sleeping (subscribing to the "let sleeping babies lie" philosophy) but this time i did get up to check that he was breathing and shortly thereafter he woke up on his own. I'm feeling quite decent, and perhaps last night will start to make a dent in the dark circles under my eyes. The one thing i know not to expect, is an instant repeat tonight. Hopefully we're on an upward trend, but in general it seems like as soon as you get a taste of the good sleep, babies pull the rug out from under you. In that vein Silas has been fussier than ever today with some actual crying jags that aren't soothed immediately by picking him up.

Oh, in addition to the sleep, which is clearly the most important first in my book, Silas also smiled his first social smiles last evening. He did it when JT was around as well so i have a witness that he was actually smiling at us-- or at least the light. It's not like he's been smiling non-stop, but boy does his face light up when he does crack a smile. We're definitely looking forward to more of these in the coming weeks.

Henry is as energetic as ever and is going through a renewed book phase. He often tells us "bye-bye" so that we'll leave his room and let him read his books in peace. He has to have them in the car while we go to daycare and often tells you he doesn't want to eat or get changed or whatever chore because he wants to "read book." He's also talking more than ever. I've been trying to keep a running list and i think i'm doing a passable job, but it's definitely harder has his vocabulary expands. He's finally putting two words together more frequently (other than "no kitty!") which is a nice development. He seems to be making real progress with his colors as well. For a long time he was very accurate with blue and yellow but now he's added red, white and occasionally green to his stable of correct answers.

By the way, i put up new pictures-- a folder called 23 months from before Silas was born and then one under the new labelling system called "April 07."

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