8 Weeks/ 1 Year, 1 Month, 5 Days

We seem to be stuck at about 5-6 hours of sleep for Silas' longest chunk. I know i shouldn't be greedy, and if this is a normal progression towards sleeping all night, it's fine. It's just that since Henry's sleep deteriorated so badly about this time (struggling to get him to sleep for an hour-- asleep 30 minutes... repeat) i'm worried about "messing Silas up." I think we're going to start trying to put him to bed earlier, and see how it goes. I also think i need to consider being home more during the day so that he can nap in his bed a bit more instead of always on the go.

That said, we accomplished another fun outing today with Silas' best friend Kerala-- we went to the mommy matinee at the theatre by our house. The babies were really good and it was the first time i had been to a movie in the theatre since Brokeback Mountain was released. Prior to the movies Corey took me out for my birthday and the babies were as quiet as could be during the whole meal.

Eureka!, we found a babysitter that Henry is excited and comfortable about that isn't family. Lauren came back tonight for her bi-weekly babysitting gig and Henry did the "bye bye" act even before we were really ready to get out the door. She said he was totally happy and about 7:30 wanted to read books in his bed and then go night night with "new Ralph."

Frequent readers of Good Intent will remember that Ralph has been Henry's best monkey companion since he was several months old. We had been looking for a back-up Ralph ever since original Ralph became so important and this winter Henry's Oma scored us two identical new monkeys. Until just recently they were kicking around with Henry's toys without a whole lot of attention paid to them. Now "New Ralph" (which is honestly what Henry calls him) has become Henry's pillow at night, and occasionally when Henry wants to take someone along to Brenda's it's been New Ralph. As we just finished listening to the Velveteen Rabbit, i'm feeling personally responsible for "old" Ralph and make sure he gets into bed with Henry along with New Ralph.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet blog today, and an adorable pic of Silas! I was a bit teary with all the sentimantality in it. The boys are doing so well and are so happy- you guys, too. Love you all. Oma

Colin said...

Love the mohawk, Silas! AU Punx 2.0?

Anonymous said...

Looking stylish with the great outfit and the hair! You guys are all doing so great, just keep up the good work. As soon as Silas gets a bit more active he will sleep like a log! Love, Gran