11 Months, 2 Weeks/ 2 Years, 11 Months

As we're nearing our boys' birthdays, thought i'd catch you up on what everyone has been doing lately. I think we're all *finally* well. I can only hope that's the last of the viruses for the winter but i'd appreciate any healthy thoughts you could throw our way. Silas seemed to get worse after he started getting better so we took him in last Friday and it turns out he had an ear infection. I should have guessed that that was what led to the terrible nights-- but it had been so long since he did have an ear infection that i forgot the pattern. Plus, he never does the whole ear pulling thing so it's hard to remember.

One thing about our boys-- they take their medicine with no complaint. It's actually a little scary with Henry because he seems to regard medicine as something akin to a treat. Even the liquid cough medicine he now takes from one of those little cups that smells horrible gives him a big smile. I'm not planning to dampen his enthusiasm, but we're also really careful to keep medicine out of reach and to talk about always having an adult give medicine to children. Silas just takes his medicine and moves on-- no great enthusiasm but nothing like disdain either.

Henry and Silas had two birthday parties to attend this weekend. Silas' peer Kerala (sh's 10 days older than he) had her birthday party on Saturday. Henry and Silas had a great time playing with all of her new toys and the other pint-sized guests, even though Henry had to protect his food from Kerala. On Sunday Henry went to Cary's 5th birthday party. It was led by Carys' dance teacher, and although it took Henry awhile to warm up, he ultimately had a great time dancing with scarves, going around the obstacle course and playing with the parachute.

Silas has gotten a little crazy lately what with all his exploring. He's scooting and actually crawling all over the house now and he pulls up on anything and everything he can (and some things he can't which has led to some tears.) He also puts EVERYTHING in his mouth which is something a little new for us. Henry would mouth toys when he was a baby but i don't remember him trying to eat rock salt. I attempted to sit on the porch with Silas the other day and it turned out to not be all that enjoyable. He was either trying to walk down the stairs, eat the leaves and dirt and leftover salt on the steps, or pull-up on the railing slats which need some new screws to be stable. So, we stayed just long enough to get some fresh air and headed back inside.

I'm looking forward to being outside with the boys doing gardening this spring, but it's become apparent we either need to get an exersaucer to keep Silas in or i'm going to have to pull out the pack-n-play.