Happy Birthday Silas

Silas turned one last Thursday. We're having a combined party for he and Henry in mid-April, so additional celebration is forthcoming, but we had a little family party for him after school on Thursday evening. Henry was extremely accommodating at opening all of Silas' gifts and was even kind enough to test them all out for Silas. Silas was a bit fussy that night (did i mention he's finally getting some choppers) and after initially grabbing a big glob of cupcake icing and throwing it on the ground-- he decided that this cake/icing stuff was worth temporarily curtailing his screams for.

We have his one-year appointment on Thursday, so we'll see what they have to tell us about his growth and development.

The only concern i really have is that he's babbling away but has no words at this point. I think that's a bit "behind" the curve but probably not enough to worry about yet. We'll see what Dr. P says though.

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Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Silas!