Easter Recap

Although JT was away, the boys and I managed to really wring lots of enjoyment out of Easter. Henry's memory is now developed enough that he actually remembers hunting for Easter eggs last year and although some of the finer points of the holiday were new to him (and prompted lots of questions), the easter eggs were tons of fun. Last year my parents were visiting the week before Easter and they filled easter eggs with coins so that he could "practice" his egg-hunting skills. This year he put himself in charge of filling all the eggs with the coins i amassed for him. He was very good at parceling the coins out amongst the various eggs with none left over.

Saturday we dyed easter eggs with Corey, Troy and Kerala-- although Silas and Kerala didn't get involved too much in the dying. When we started Henry was talking about using sprinkles on the eggs, but luckily he was assuaged with the glitter that came in our egg kit. Henry's technique turned out to be "just keep putting them into different colors over and over and over." I have to say he turned out some beautiful eggs.

As we were dealing with 30 degrees and snow-covered ground, the Easter bunny visited the upstairs of our house and left an Easter basket for Henry and Silas at the end of the egg trail. Corey, Troy and Kerala all came over and Silas and Kerala brought up the year and had a lot of fun gnawing on the contents of the boys' Easter baskets. The Smerry's graciously invited us all over for Easter dinner at their house later in the afternoon apres naps. The ham was delicious, and it was a raucous time combining lots of little ones, candied sweet potatoes and all kinds of Easter goodies.

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