Birthday Countdown

Silas has good hair. Although it's wilder on some days than others, backlighting brings out it's true glory. We're rolling through a single parent weekend here and although it snowed another couple inches last night (on top of about 7 the day before) the sun has come out and it's at least melting off the cars and the cleared sidewalks. We made a quick trip to the library this morning, but our outing to the donut shop was curtailed due to uncleared inches of snow. If you've ever tried to push a stroller and hold a toddler's hand while tromping through snow, you'll know why we skipped that one.

I've tried to plan a lot of activity into our weekend to keep the kids from going stir crazy and me from feeling like the unscheduled hours are just stretching on. After naps today Corey and Troy and Kerala are coming over to help us dye Easter eggs. I think we're all going to order dinner together and then Troy's going to take Kerala home when it's time for bed. Corey and i have a date with Atonement on DVD. We tried to get to the theatre to see it ever since it came out and failed miserably. So, at last we will have a girls' night viewing

Tomorrow we're doing an easter egg hunt and baskets at our house in the morning with the Smerry's and then we're heading over to their house for Easter dinner after naps. Should be a fun day and if it actually warms up mid-week as it's predicted i'll even believe it's spring.


Kathy said...

Love the hair Silas! Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

What fun hair Silas has! It looks so soft and pettable. Can't wait to run my fingers through it! Hugs! Sheree