One could ask...

What else could go w***g, but that would be foolish. So instead, i'll count my blessings that we're about on our way to recovery. When i posted my quick update a few days ago we were all struggling with mild illnesses, expect JT, who's been layed-out with a bad chest cold all week. Unfortunately mine developed into full-blown stomach flu and if the viral attack wasn't enough i also wound up with an infection too. Fun, Fun. On top of all this my computer died and i've been comically trying to work on an 8 year-old laptop while a) a back-up computer was sent to me and b) the Dell guy gets out here to replace my motherboard. It's been nuts-- and not in a good way.

On top of all of this Henry has been having a bit of a hard time of it lately. He's clearly testing new boundaries and is having a renaissance with the word no as well as sometimes getting pouty suddenly, without warning and saying things like "no one's going to be my friend! I don't want to do nothing!" It seems like after he gets to be sufficiently grumpy something will spark his interest and he goes back to being his old little excited self.

Last night he just had a total meltdown and it took every effort in the book to pull him out of it. I talked with Brenda today to find out if anything had happened at school yesterday that i wasn't aware of. After talking awhile i think it was shear exhaustion. He hasn't been napping particularly week at daycare lately but yesterday was the worst with only 10 minutes or so laying down. I think he was just too tired to exercise any self-control once the meltdown started. It was a mix of heart-breaking, frustrating and slightly amusing-- but thankfully the Chinese food delivery man arrived at just the right time. Fortune cookies can be a strong enticement.

We're hoping to have a fun weekend now that everyone is on the mend and hopefully after 6 today my computer will be working again and i'll be able to access some new photos.

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