Yucky Bunny's Adventures

So, we're slowly returning to the land of the living. Yucky bunny came home and the sun came out and warmed the earth above 40 degrees in our part of the world. That's enough to offset the cold i'm now hacking through and the slight return of sickness that Silas seems to be struggling with. I'd be terrible at living in the land of the midnight sun during the no sun months. Even if it's still largely too cold to really go outside, it makes a difference not having to wear your parka. So, with a little spring in my step and a hack in my throat i'll catch you up on our comings and goings.

The primary drama of course is that Yucky Bunny was found and i didn't even have to resort to putting up the posters i made. Just as i was finishing sealing my posters in plastic to keep them safe from the rain, i got a call from Brenda that a deep-clean had turned up the bunny. He had fallen between Silas' crib and the wall. Neither i nor Brenda remember me giving her the bunny, but that's where he was and he made it home safe and sound. I'll definitely be sticking those posters in our scrap book.

I think i mentioned Henry has been going through a renewed "testing" phase. He has been getting time-outs fairly regularly both at home and at school for not listening and calling people mean names. Not to say we accept any of this behavior, but it's so interesting to see how all of sudden he's a total little boy. A lot of the mean things he says are related to fighting "i'm going to bust you up" or "you want a piece of me?" On the one hand sometimes it's hard not to laugh but on the other hand we definitely don't want to reinforce this behavior. I'm trying to channel it towards story-telling which he's getting really into.

Most mornings in the car on the way to school he'll give me a subject (usually a dinosaur or a lion) and a few objects to put into the story. So far it's up to me to weave the drama into things. If you ask him to tell you a story he won't but he often recounts very exciting dreams that are clearly stories. His favorite one to tell right now is about how Jesse Bear (a sweet bear character from one of his books) and a fox were trying to chase him so he had to bust out the window THREE TIMES!

Beyond the interest in busting people up and making these pretend sounds and gestures i can only describe as things little boys do, his favorite activity is to go upstairs after dinner with JT and i and "wrestle." It actually seems to help wear him out for bed and he and Silas have been co-existing very nicely during the night without chattering until all hours.

Silas has been really struggling to get completely well, but otherwise he's moving along physically. He's cruising all over the place now-- moves from one piece of furniture to the other and he also likes to try to push things around while walking. He hasn't quite got the hang of his actual push toy (it moves pretty fast), but he loves to push the chairs around the kitchen while holding on.

We're looking forward to a weekend filled with two of Henry and Silas' friends birthday parties. Kerala has her 1-year party on Saturday and Carys is having her 5 year (!) dance birthday party on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME, Yucky Bunny! Mom (and Silas) really missed you!Hugs, Oma