29 Weeks

Took last night off-- no reason to worry-- we just went to bed very early after enjoying a nice quiet evening at home. Today was also relaxed. Our friends came over this afternoon to chat and see Henry. The weather wasn't great but we made a short outing to our closest park and Henry was having a ball on the swings. I believe he charmed the tough high school girls that were also hanging out on the swings.

This evening the three of us went to Trader Joe's to stock up on "essentials" (TLC crackers, trail mix, cheap wine, and dark chocolate!) Usually one of us does the grocery shopping and the other one stays home with Henry. He had a ball though tonight sitting up in the cart and checking out all the action. We were planning to head to the bookstore for our cheap date night afterwards but decided coming home and hanging out a bit before making dinner and putting Henry to bed sounded better.

I wanted to add some detail on the subject of teeth. Henry still has none and i will supposedly wear my braces for 18 months. We'll have to see how close that estimate comes. By the way, Henry had avocado for the first time tonight. I bought all kinds of stuff to make him new foods for the coming weeks-- a wide range of berries, all kinds of fall squash and peas. I want to investigate artichokes and asparagus-- not sure if they're approved for babies.

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Tabitha said...


I've been waiting for your new post. I'm glad you guys are having a good week-end! I'm going to try to call you tomorrow. I've also started a blog for C and H inspired by you and H. I'll send the link once it gets going.