7 Months, 1 Day

What a fun milestone to report! Last night i heard Henry waking up around 1:00 am. As i was lying there listening to his waking-up noises, i was dreading having to get up and see what was wrong. Instead of crying though, he talked to himself for about a minute and then just went quietly back to sleep. Up until this point, if he woke up in the night he would automatically cry, or at least cry out, before getting himself back to sleep. What a sweet minute this was to just listen to him babbling a bit and then quietly drifting off to sleep.

He continued to wow me as we hosted neighborhood playgroup at our house this evening. Last time Henry was the oldest baby, this time he was squarely in the middle with a 16 month old at the top and a 4.5 month old bringing up the year (well there was a 3.5 year old as well but she practically seems like one of the big girls.) With the older mobile babies it was less talk and more refereeing between little ones and choking hazards (and the kitties). Henry sat on his quilt for most of the evening playing with his toys and watching all the activity while i helped head off the kidlets. Everyone commented on what a good content baby Henry was and i was right there saying, "i know, he *is* good!"

I can't wait for my whole family to get to meet him and know him better over Thanksgiving. I've been dropping hints, but this is offical notice that i'll be on vaction next week from Monday-Friday as Henry and i will be traipsing through our heartland (OK) and Texas. Hopefully i'll have a trove of pics for when i return but probably no posts in the meantime.


Tabitha said...

Ok, OK, I get it. I'll miss ya'll next week!

That's great that he was able to put himself back to sleep. You'll be able to sleep more peacefully now too.

PS. love the new snowsuit. Will he be ready to go down the sledding hill by our house this year?

Anonymous said...

I will really miss you guys next week!Have a wonderful time with your family and we'll see you Dec.1st (through the 5th). Glad it's just around the corner! Love you, Sheree/Oma

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, a babbling baby in the night. I wonder what he was saying- "Hi, mom and dad! Just wanted to remind you that I'm here. Nighty, night, see you in the morning!"