6 Months, 17 Days

I think i should have dribbled those professional shots out day by day instead of inundating you because now i'm starting to run dry after a few days with no new pictures. I hope to get back on the picture wagon by this weekend at the latest. Thanks to everyone for their comments lately. It's fun to have incontrovertible proof that people outside my living room are reading this.

Henry had eggplant again for dinner tonight but with decidedly less gusto than he's shown in prior sittings. We have started giving him these infant multivitamin drops since with iron since we aren't giving him cereal (Dr's suggestion). The drops smell absolutely terrible and i'm sure taste just as bad but the bottle says you can mix them with food. I did that two nights ago with peaches and Henry didn't seem to even notice the different taste. Last night i forgot about them entirely until just before he was ready to go to bed and then just decided to try giving them to him in the dropper. He sucked them down without even a frown line. Tonight i mixed them into the eggplant and he gave a visible shudder with every bite. When it was clear he wasn't enjoying dinner and wasn't really making any headway we switched back to peaches-- hold the medicine. It took a few bites for his tongue to embrace the new taste but finally he got the hang of it and proceeded to devour dinner just like the good ole' days.

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Colin said...

Tamra, Does little Henry have any teeth yet? If so, make sure to brush them extra well, because the iron drops will start to stain his teeth if you're not careful.

We had to start giving Aidan the drops because he's not getting enough iron -- he's become a super picky eater on top of being raised vegetarian -- and I'm waiting for the day to come when his grandparents (on both sides) conspire to enroll us in the meat of the month club!


ps... The pro pictures came out great. You BOTH look amazing. We thought they'd be corny when our parents wanted to do them, but we really like the ones we have of Aidan... reminds me that we ought to get Sinéad's taken some time.