6 Months, 22 Days

So i told you Henry was really into the kitties-- well Mason's really into Henry too as evidenced by this picture (don't worry no babies were harmed in the posing of this photo.) They don't usually get this close, but H loves to watch the kitties' every move.

Although i haven't braved going into his room when he's sleeping to document his habits, he's got such a cute routine now when you lay him down in his crib. He has two little stuffed animals in his crib-- one in front of him and one in back. He immediately rolls to his stomach and grabs Ralph the monkey and nuzzles him against his face. He reaches his other arm behind him for his soft doggy and scritches his fingers against his fur-- is this kid into textures or what. By the way, the doggy doesn't have a name yet so i'm open to suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Well, I suggest the doggy should be named "Scritches". Can't think of anything more appropriate and it will be a great story to relate to Henry when he is older! Gran

Tabitha said...

Mason just thinks he got the jump on Henry. He doesn't realize Henry will soon be tackling him. That's a great photo!