6 Months, 19 Days

I've been trying to be nonchalant about making Henry's baby food because i've always associated homemade baby food with Diane Keaton's character from the 80's movie Baby Boom. From what i remember Diane Keaton left her high-powered NY career and moved upstate to stay at home full-time after a baby arrived (her baby?, adopted?, it's fuzzy). Too type A to just stay busy with raising the child, she pours her energy into her home-made baby food line and eventually turns it into a booming business. I can't remember if the business ultimately gets too harried and the moral is that as a good mom she should focus on child-rearing, or if we're inspired that she manages to have it all by defining her career on her own terms. Regardless, the image of her making batches and batches of homemade baby food has always made the efforts seem so over the top that it's to be disparaged.

I say all of this because i've felt like i should be self-deprecating about the fact that i make Henry's baby food. But really, truly, for me it's not that big a deal. Most of you that know me know that i'm a doer and happiest when i'm tackling various projects. Baby boom makes me feel like only obsessive crazies would do something as labor-intensive as make their own baby food. I'm here to tell you that i'm neither obsessive or crazy and that in some ways i do it because the idea seems easier than buying millions of those little baby food jars (cheaper too!) and then having to wash all of them out for the recyling bag.

So just thought i'd ramblingly get that off my chest. To cap this off i'll give you a rundown of the output of 2 hours spent in the kitchen today that i hope will keep Henry in food for quite some time:
Old favorites: yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, sweet potato, peaches
New tastes: butternut and acorn squash, peas, asparagus, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries


Tabitha said...

Um, I think it's awesome that you are making Henry's babyfood. I'm looking foreward to picking your brain about what did.did not work:)

Colin said...

I totally thought the narrative arc of this post was going to have a zinger ending where you cop to having already developed a business plan to sling your mushy wares and announce your IPO offer for loyal blog readers.

Don't worry, you're not obsessive or crazy (well, you're not crazy anyway!) -- Jen and I mashed up some food in our day too, using this crazy old potato masher we found in a box of my grandpa's stuff. Down with Gerber!

Mostly we're just glad to hear the little guy is chowing down. When do we get to take him out for his first A&J experience? X-mas? Aidan and Sinéad each got their first dim sum exposures around the age of 8 or 9 months, so I figure by the next time you're in DC he'll be good to go! See you soon.


ps... Henry makes a cameo on BanePhoto here: http://homepage.mac.com/banephoto/PhotoAlbum73.html -- old pics we just got around to posting. Dig the shot of Ben reacting to some diaper turbulence!

Anonymous said...

Henry has obviously inherited his father's descriminating palate for fine foods. Oma

Anonymous said...

Hey, not to nag or anything but some of us out here are missing our Henry fix! What's the story with the slacking off on posting pics? I know you are a busy Mom and working 9-5 and taking care of hubby, but we need to see new pics of Henry and what he is up to also. Gran