6 Months, 16 Days

As you can see, i picked up Henry's 6 month photos today. I think they turned out quite well if i do say so myself! Henry had fun with Brenda today and they got to enjoy another walk in the warm weather. Brenda has a new toy just for Henry that makes a crinkly sound when he plays with it and by all accounts he's enthralled.

He had eggplant for the first time today and gobbled it right down. We've decided to up his portion to 3 cubes 2 x day because after he finishes two he's very upset that there isn't anymore.


Kathy said...

Wow! Great pictures.

Laurie said...


I have known your mom and dad for a long time. They are so blessed to have you in their lives. Samantha and I enjoy looking at the "Henry pictures" everyday. It's been fun watching you get bigger everyday and discover new things. You take really great pictures!

Anonymous said...

These really are great pics. What cuties ya'll are!

Anonymous said...

WOW aren't you growing?! I admit that it has been a few months since I've looked at your pictures, but you have blossomed into a little Mr. Man! Perhaps it's the extra cube of eggplant :)... Mom and Dad are doing a great job! Genine said your Halloween costume was original and fantastic, and she was right.

Tamra- I need your email address again (I left Yahoo! and forgot to take my personal email addresses with me!).

Kai & Andrey

Anonymous said...

What great pictures to embarass Henry with when he is 17 or 18 and brings his girlfriend home to meet the parents!

I think I'll get a couple of those of him peeking out from under the sheet just to carry in my wallet and show to Henry when he comes to visit. Gran