6 Months, 23 Days

I've been putting Henry down on the hardwood floor in the evenings on his stomach. He isn't crazy about that unless he's distracted with toys. This evening i moved his toys a fair distance away from him and he was really trying to get to them-- trouble is he either turned in circles as if his stomach was the pivot point on a protractor or scooched backwards. This made him very unhappy. I just kept clapping and cheering him on the farther away he got which would temporarily make him happy and then confuse him because although i was excited he was farther away from the target. From what i've read, moving backwards-- even on the belly is one of the first steps to mobility. I have a feeling it's going to be a long process with Henry because he's not particularly interested in moving around but it's fun to see him making his first moves.

Can't remember if i told you that he had blackberries yesterday for the first time.


Anonymous said...

good going, Henry, even if it is backwards! I can totally relate. Also, Opa reminded me that your Uncle Eric used to scrinch things,too. Textures,rah! Love,Oma

Tabitha said...

Hey, Schooching is good even when it's backwards. Keep giving him motivation to get moving. Cute in the hat!