I've never been so happy to hear a euphemism for fat before in my life. When i was dropping Henry off this morning we were talking about how he's really outgrown all the baby buntings (snowsuits) that i got for him before the season even hit it's stride. The one i put him in today had feet built in and it was so tight he was almost doing a forced back-bend when the hood was up. I made a comment that he was growing so long and was such a long skinny baby.

Brenda kinda of laughed and said that she thought he was kinda fluffy. First of all i think she's nuts because while he's not skin and bones, he's certainly no round bellied little chubby baby. But since i'm a little over-paranoid about his tiny stature i was positively glowing from the comment. Now if she had called me fluffy it might have been different but call my baby what you like big-boned, strapping, corpulent and i'm liable to give you hug.


Anonymous said...

I like fluffy,too! What an adorable picture- Henry's even eating fluffy. Are you positive there's no turkey picture? I could really use a visual on that. Thanks for blogging so diligently! Sheree

Kathy said...

Its ok to be skinny. The Bloch's have been given the gift of being thin, I tell Bailey all the time that someday she will be happy that she received this gene. We choose to ignore the rude remarks. Henry you are beautiful just the way you are!

Anonymous said...

I have been known to put my foot in my mouth with much less concentration than Henry is showing! Don't you ever feed this kid? Let me suggest Hagen Daz Chocolate Chip Mint or Pineapple Coconut ice cream as a way to put some meat on his bones. Gran