16 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days

Well we're off to therapy tomorrow. I have to admit i've come to dread it. Henry winds up doing many of things the therapist wants him to do throughout the week, but he's been pretty much just flat-out refusing when we're actually at the appointment. I've just come to look on Wednesday mornings with dread. I can only hope that Henry will continue to make progress and at one point we'll be released!

Brenda said that Henry didn't eat his lunch today-- at first. She told him he needed to eat or he wouldn't get any crackers and then he proceeded to clean his plate-- every last morsel. Brenda said she and her sister were just laughing because they couldn't believe he understood but he seemed pretty clear about getting his crackers.

I tried the same thing with his dinner (which he was eating pretty well to start with). He did eat a few more bites, but when he was done he was done. Then he has a massive diaper blow-out, the likes of which we haven't seen in many, many months. I'm hoping his belly was just temporarily upset and it's nothing lasting.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! New buttons to push!What joy! Oma

Anonymous said...

The pics are great! Thanks! Sheree