17 Months, 1 Week, 3 Days

I accompanied Henry to therapy this morning and after a slow warm-up he did quite well. He's definitely more cooperative when i try to get him to do something than his therapist so we practiced walking up the stairs and down them like an adult (holding the railing and my hand to start). He was using the very tiny baby therapy steps, but did a great job after he got over his initial anxiety. Unfortunately our stairs are about 3 times as big and as steep, but we'll work with him on it.

He also practiced climbing from one item to another until he had climbed up onto a table about 4 feet off the floor. He did this very anxiously last week and this week couldn't wait to get up there, get back down and repeat the whole thing several times.

We're all still a little congested but i think we're starting to feel better. We're hosting a dinner party at our house this weekend so it's a good thing the health gods are smiling on us. I have some front steps to bleach this Saturday!

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