17 Months, 1 Day

We had an uneventful day back to work and daycare. Henry practiced standing on his own quite a bit this evening and continued to walk around a good deal.

We had a slight bit of drama during his bath. Normally he loves to take a bath and enjoys splashing around in the bubbles from his soap. Tonight he saw a few bubbles and started to get really whiny and seemed upset. I added some more soap to show him those flat bubbles were really the same as the bigger ones he loves. He completely freaked out and demanded to get out. None of his toys would assuage him and he just kept pointing at the bathroom floor.

The water was definitely no hotter than normal, but it's like there was something bothering him in the water. It was curious. He seemed tired after he got out so after wrangling him into pajamas we read a couple stories and he was off to bed. Hopefully he doesn't have a newfound fright of the bathtub.

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Anonymous said...

I love the way Henry kept pointing at the floor to tell you "out". That is so clever, don't you think? Oma, (of course).