17 Months, 1 Week, 1 Day

A weekend of first for the season. I enjoyed my first bath in our new bathroom this beautiful fall weekend and Henry and I came down with our first colds. So, some good and bad.

I was able to entice Henry into the bath with me after a very multi-pronged strategy. He was happy and content as long as we sitting on my lap. We may have to take a few baths with him over the next few days and hopefully he'll be able to ease back into enjoying the bath on his own.

He's walking more than crawling now and if he falls down he gets back up and finishes walking to his destination rather than crawling. He's getting steadier and a bit quicker, and he clearly takes pride in standing on his own. He'll often be right next to something he could pull up on, but he'll stand up on his own and just beam.

All this mobility means that you're likely to find a pretend piece of toast under the couch and the top of a sippee cup next to his crib. We do our best to keep things picked up and when you ask Henry he's generally obliging about putting things back where they came from.

Jt stayed home with him today because he just seemed a little out of sorts this morning. He got better as the day was wearing on, and after his 4 hour nap this afternoon (!) he had a grand time playing tonight. Mostly his nose is runny and he has a cough. I think he'll be fine to go to Ms. Brenda's tomorrow.

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