17 Months, 2 Weeks

I had high hopes for yesterday evening. I've been really wanting to squeeze in one last trip to the pool before they all close for the season on Labor Day. I thought yesterday was the day-- with a high of 75 and sunny i thought it just might work. And at noon, it might have, but by 5 o'clock when i picked Henry up it was mighty cool in the shade and not exactly blistering in the sun. We have plans to try on Saturday when we spend the day at the Pendleton's, but i have a feeling with a forecast high of 72 that outdoor swimming season has drawn to a close for us!

We do have a fun weekend planned with an attempt at a new nap schedule, toilet shopping, and thankfully multiple cook-outs with friends.

Henry has been taking only one afternoon nap at daycare for awhile. On the weekends with us he's gotten to where he'll take a long morning nap-- 2 hours or so, but then will zero to little in the afternoon. So, we've decided to see if he seems ready for one nap. The trick is to keep him busy and occupied in the morning when he starts to get tired. We'll keep you updated.

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