16 Months, 3 Weeks...

I'll be on temporary hiatus for a few days while i'm traveling on business.

Henry and i visited the zoo with two other moms i've (gasp) met through the internet that have babies Henry's age. I've actually met both of them before and this was a chance for us all three to get together. The boys had a good time at the zoo. They're actually old enough that as long as the animals are sufficiently large or not a million miles away, they actually SAW the animals and seemed to enjoy watching them. It was hard getting them to cooperate for a group picture, but i have several in which at least one looks pretty cute.

Also, Friday saw Henry's first haircut. I decided to just trim him myself, after reading about several children's specialty hairdressers that are employed mostly by teenagers. Henry was so interested in the process that he sat almost completely still. I certainly couldn't do this forever, but for a first haircut we think it turned out quite nicely. I left it a little long on the top but it's trimmed up and not so scraggly in the back. If it's possible, we actually think he looks cuter.

Today was a day to just hang around the house and get some chores done. Unfortunately Henry only took an hour nap so he was fairly cranky much of the afternoon and went into hysterics at bedtime as he was WAY overtired. Thankfully JT got him to calm down and then he just sadly cried a minute or two before i think falling into slumber. I've got to leave for the airport pretty early tomorrow, so hopefully it's a deep sleep he's got planned.

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