16 Months, 3 Weeks, 1 Day

JT has been out of town, which is part of why the posting has been a little sparse this week. Being a (temporary) single-parent is no easy feat, i especially have a hard time with the mornings which is designated Dad-time.

Henry got some new shoes this week, as his old soft-soled ones just weren't cutting it when he needed to be on the ground outside. He seems so excited for his shoes and appears to have figured out how to help me put them on instead of looking puzzled while i tried to cram his heel down into the shoe. He was very cooperative this morning and even posed for a few pictures.

He's sitting on one of the new carpet tiles that we're going to be installing in his playroom (the sunporch) after all the renovation is done. He managed to get one tile out of the box and he's very excited about his own personal rug!

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Tabitha said...

Super cute. His feet look GIANT now:)