Losing track of dates...

Not sure how old Henry is-- my calendar is upstairs. But, i thought i would take a few minutes to get back in the habit of posting after this nice long weekend.

We had one last chance to get to the pool on Saturday. We went out to spend the afternoon with friends and it was actually warm enough to go swimming. We all had such a great time and Henry in particular just couldn't be happier. He borrowed Helen's little baby float and had so much fun just paddling along wherever he felt like going. He was even brave enough to get really close to the waterfalls.

This was the first weekend Henry switched to one nap and it seemed to go pretty well. He's definitely tired by the evening, but not unbearably so. I think the transition will take a little longer, but has mostly gone smoothly.

We enjoyed cooking out this afternoon as well, but the rain and cooler weather moved in today so JT grilled and we all ate inside. Henry had a blast this weekend after warming up to everyone and has just gotten to where he walks either more and further each day. Now we're preparing for the busy week ahead.

New 15 Month pictures are up-- access them through the "13 Months- Current" link to the right...

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