Sleep Issues

I know my posts have had a negative note to them lately but it's not going to get any better with this one. I went back to work yesterday and didn't feel great, but at least okay to be out of bed. By 9 last night i was wiped though so i headed up to shower and get in bed.

I laid there for 2 hours and just couldn't fall asleep. Then Henry woke up and between JT and i we went in to him about 6 times in an hour. I don't know what was wrong but he just kept crying and crying. I finally fell asleep at 1 and then around 2:30 the thunder/sleet storm to end all others hit. I woke up and then Henry woke up and then the cat was annoying and after the storm died back down and Henry went to bed i think i finally fell asleep around 4 am. JT's alarm went off at 6 and i was awake from then on even though i stayed in bed awhile longer. It was an absolutely terrible night.

Tonight Henry has already been crying twice since he went to bed and i'm just praying to the sleep gods that he'll get it out of his system now. I HAVE to get better before this baby comes. I'm exhausted and really need Henry to revert to his good sleep skills.

Say a prayer for us if you can,we need sleep and wellness vibes around here.

Henry has been exploring the little room we have set up for Silas, and his new favorite thing is to play "baby" in the bouncer seat. He loves to be covered up and then to get out of the chair, get back in and be covered up again.

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Anonymous said...

It all does sound awful but it is only temporary! Tonight will be better. Did you all eat something stimulating? Henry looks so big in the baby chair!!!Love to you all.