1 Month, 3 Days/ 2 Years, 1 Week, 6 Days

Ah, spring! It's so nice to have mostly consistently warm weather! It's made getting out and about with Silas easy, and Henry is really growing to love the outdoors. He asks to go on walks all the time and we've gotten to where JT or I will take him out in the evening before dinner as a way to help him start to wind down-- did i mention his energy level is soaring?

We had a really wonderful and busy weekend. Saturday morning Henry and JT walked all the way to the coffee shop and back (about 7 blocks each way) and brought home pastries for Silas and I (well at least for me). Later that afternoon we went to our friends' house for a bbq with 3 other couples and all the kidlets. I've got some great pictures from that i'll be posting this week, but first, the requested picture of Henry on his bug bike. He asks to ride it pretty frequently, especially when we talk about JT riding his bike. We stayed at the bbq until about 8:30 which meant Henry was up pretty much as late as he's ever been- 9 pm.

I'm a sleep nazi, so this was no off-hand decision. We definitely don't plan to make a habit of it, but it's nice to know that after those really, really difficult first months, Henry is such a great sleeper that one night of staying-up late doesn't totally throw him off. Speaking of sleep, that same night, Silas slept for 6 hours straight! Unfortunately between me taking awhile to fall asleep and then Henry waking up once and the cats driving us crazy, I didn't sleep 6 hours but it's quite a feat none-the-less.

Yesterday we did errands and chores but were pretty busy from sun-up (at least JT and Henry) to sundown. JT got a new smoker grill which we assembled, i seeded the lawn, we did laundry and grocery shopping and all those other weekend essentials. Now we're on to a new week and i can't believe how quickly time is moving. With Henry we used to joke (somewhat seriously) about me going back to work early, with Silas i understand why people want to stay home permanently.

Silas has his one-month appointment this afternoon, so we'll see how much he weighs now!

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