10 Months, 2 Days

Henry has been enjoying time with his Gran and Nonna and we've all been bracing the super-cold Chicago winter weekend. We've had a nice full weekend of playing on the floor, eating out, cooking in, long naps, and a bit of an upset stomach-- at least we think. Henry didn't eat very much yesterday and spit up a little more than usual. Today he ate a little bit better but spit up a lot and in general seemed to have some G/I discomfort. You could often hear his stomach churning. He took so-so naps today but was in amazing spirits otherwise. He just went down for the night and will hopefully sleep well.

He's moving all over the rug now. I'm not entirely sure how he does it because he still doesn't move forward at all but it seems to rely on the stomach pivot action he's pretty much got down. Regardless, he covers some real ground and has a ball with all his toys. This weekend he's gotten to where he'll kind of "ask" to pull up using your hands. He mostly does this with JT but as soon as he grabs your hands he's all stiff legs and back-board straight. It's a pretty funny sight!

My cold actually seems to have come back some so we decided to stay in for dinner tonight. I'm hoping to rest up tomorrow as i'll be traveling for work on Tuesday and Wednesday and would like to be feeling better...

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Tabitha said...

Hi, glad to know you're having a great weekend and Henry is enjoying his visitors. I got your message and am thinking about you. I'll call tomorrow.

Hope you start feeling better soon!