10 Months, 3 Days

We got a call from the physical therapist and Henry is set to start his weekly sessions this Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately i'll be out of town for work Tuesday afternoon-Wednesday night, but i'm counting on JT to provide a full report. We finished up a wonderful visit with my folks and after taking it easy all day today i at least feel back to where i was with my cold.

Henry has been doing more with pulling up today. He started pulling up on the coffee table when you really encourage him by putting toys up there and beating on the table like a drum-- that draws his attention and gets him to put his hands up there. Once he's up he's quite stable. He was reaching for the papers, banging toys on the desk, etc. all while (mostly) staying upright. I will be really curious to hear what the PT says after her first visit with Henry.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you all had a nice visit! Henry seems to be moving right along in every direction- PT will be interesting for all of you. Have a good trip Tamra! Sheree

Anonymous said...

Oh sure! Right after we leave he does something cute. Hope you have a good trip and it goes smoothly. Love, Dad